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Complex Litigation

A group of contractors and design professionals turned to the Whitehead Law Firm for solutions when a group of banks and developer misrepresented material financial issues. Faced with multi-million dollar consequences, Whitehead Law Firm successfully navigated its clients over three years through treacherous issues, shifting exposure away from the clients. The firm used offensive Bankruptcy maneuvers while deftly placing the ultimate issue in an appropriate forum. The law firm negotiated a multi-million dollar risk to a settlement under six figures.

Combining the firm’s extensive experience and knowledge, resources and business acumen minimized an unwinnable situation and saved the clients’ business future.

Starting in December 2007, Whitehead Law Firm stood by its client starting with a simple Materialman’s Lien on ethanol distillation plant, through litigation at the Federal District Court level, up and down through Appellate Court, and on into Federal Bankruptcy Adversarial proceedings.  Out of over 20 Claimants, Whitehead’s client’s claim has been upheld, and will be fully paid.

Whitehead Law Firm resolved scores of Fair Labor Standards Act claims in a national class action for Hurricane Katrina laborers.

During the British Petroleum oil spill off the Louisiana coast, the Whitehead Law Firm assisted in placing response companies in the forefront of implementing remedies.

Over 25 years Whitehead’s firm has had many successful jury verdicts in both rural and urban Parishes, covering various issues of liability or defense.

Whether as plaintiff or defense counsel, understanding jurors and judges, and how to simplify legal concepts are hallmarks of Mr. Whitehead’s efficiency in a court room.


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