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Recently, the Whitehead Law Firm successfully helped a national client overcome the limitations of a local sign ordinance which restricted the size and height of on-premises signs.  After substantial preparation of the evidence, the firm persuaded local government to grant a waiver which adequately kept the business competitive in the area.  The process was detailed intensive and required extensive negotiations to ultimately balance the concerns of the business owners and the Municipal goals of regulating commercial signs.

Whitehead Law Firm reversed a state decision to remove a critical traffic control feature at Hammond Aire Plaza, a nearly 400,000 square foot shopping center with one of the city’s busiest intersections.  The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development planned to remove the traffic light at the intersection which provided crucial access to Hammond Aire Plaza, particularly for drivers making left hand turns.

“What would have happened if you could not take a left-hand turn out of the shopping center?” Mr. Whitehead was asked.  “Many of the people who lived in that area would have stopped shopping there.”  The largest publicly held real estate investment trust in the nation had hired Whitehead Law Firm to convince state officials to retain the traffic light, ensuring a continuous flow of traffic to dozens of retail stores in the plaza.  Saving the traffic light also preserved 500 local jobs.

“It helped keep that commercial development viable and profitable,” Mr. Whitehead stated, “because in retail, it all comes down to safe access”.


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