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Business and Commercial Law

Before they practiced law, our attorneys worked in the business world. They managed corporate financial affairs for banks, oil and gas companies and gaming institutions. In short, they lived and breathed business.

Today, they bring the same insight and energy to the law, advancing your case with a foundation few can claim and experience none can match.

Prime examples of our expertise:

  • Commercial transactions and litigation
  • Construction law, including fraud and contract dispute resolution
  • Commercial real estate law, including:
    • Negotiations
    • Closings
    • Business and industrial development
    • Residential subdivision development
  • Bankruptcy law, including:
    • Debtor-creditor disputes
    • Business liquidation
    • Business reorganization

Case Study:

A group of contractors and design professionals turned to the Whitehead Law Firm for solutions when a group of banks and developers misrepresented material financial issues.  Faced with multi-million dollar consequences, Whitehead Law Firm successfully navigated its clients over three years through treacherous issues, shifting exposure away from our clients.  The firm used offensive bankruptcy maneuvers while deftly placing the ultimate issue in an appropriate legal forum.  The law firm negotiated a multi-million dollar risk to a settlement under six figures.

Combining the firm’s extensive experience and knowledge, resources and business acumen minimized an unwinnable situation and saved the clients’ business future.