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Litigation and Appeals

The bedrock of any law firm lies in its ability to translate real-world challenges into well-articulated cases. At Whitehead Law Firm, we do that every day. It’s our passion.

We distill cases to their legal essence. The result:

  • Personal injury cases become crystal clear to juries;
  • Complex business litigation unfolds brilliantly before judges;
  • Logic unites government agencies and adversaries in compromise.

As a result, clients from across Louisiana, the Gulf South and the nation refer their peers to us for effective representation in state, federal and appellate courts in Louisiana. Clear-sighted vision, purposeful passion: It’s why we excel. It’s why we win.

Case Studies:

In Summer 2011, the Whitehead Law Firm successfully persuaded the Louisiana Supreme Court to examine issues relating to public agency attorneys who violated the public trust and caused harm to the public.

Whitehead Law Firm has stood by its client starting with a simple Materialman’s Lien on ethanol distillation plant in December 2007, through litigation at the Federal District Court level, up and down through the Appellate Court, and on into a Federal Bankruptcy Adversarial proceeding.  Out of over 20 Claimants, Whitehead’s client’s claim has been upheld, and will be fully paid.